About us

Two Eva’s, one zodiac sign, 15 years of acquaintance.

Uncountable nights (and even more days) of joint planning and creation.

Hundreds of worn-out lead pencils. We do not even dare to count the scratched and thrown out tons of papers, and catalogues turned over and over until ragged. Some furious moments, yet thousands of shared happy memories.

We admire our city Budapest, the thousand faces of the Downtown, the hidden secrets of its buildings, but most of all the lurking old apartments. True delightfulness to renovate these from the wrecking until the final decoration.

We are also happy to take on new challenges, so please do not hesitate to entrust us with any creative tasks. We are at your disposal at any time in Hungarian, English and Italian as well.
Choose your Eva in english  +36 70 605 5886  or your Eva in italian:  +36 30 346 0359

Or via email: info[at]idbudapest.com